Previous Projects




Childhood Trust Christmas Campaign 

Aesop Agency, Commercial

BA Theatre Design

Central School of Speech and Drama

Rachel Maclean Exhibition

Zabludowicz Collecion

Of Love and Rage

Classical Ballet designed by Jean-Marc Puissant

Mariage Blanc

The Asylum, Theatre Production

How to Build a Girl

Dolly Wilde Productions Ltd. Feature Film

Tuesdays and Fridays 

Hi Hat Productions Feature Film

University of Leicester 

Affixxius Films Commercial

Armada Project

The Queen's House Installation

The Crucible

Theatre Production, Storyhouse Chester

Patients of A Saint

Feature Film, Nubian Films

A Little Night Music

Theatre Production, Storyhouse Chester

An Introduction to Costume Design

V&A Short Course


Screen Northants, BBC Children in Need

Feature Film

Peter Pan 


Theatre Production Blackpool Winter Gardens

Otto's Great Escape

Century Films


Experian Data Self

Brickwall Commercial

The Departure

Ngauruhoe Film Ltd

Short Film

Good Omens


Comedy Drama Series 


Screen Northants, Channel 4 and BSL

Short Film

Cambridge Building Society 

Affixxius Films



Bollywood Thriller Feature Film

Reliance Entertainment

Cobra / Yaar Bandooka

Bollywood Action Feature Film

Velocity Films Ltd

Tamagotchi Forever


Maverick Films

Perfect Form

Publication by Janet Wood.

Earthy Encounters

BFI British Short Film 

Directed by Sam Johnson


Drama, feature film

Directed by James Gardner

Cannibals and Carpet Fitters

Comedy horror,  feature film

Directed by James Bushe

The Prevailing Winds

Contemporary hikers

London Calling Short Film

Directed by Adam Butcher


Zombie apocalypse with military intervention. Feature film

Directed by Chee Cheung


Love Type D

Stylised romantic comedy, feature film

Directed by Sasha Collington


The Arrival

Contemporary short film.

Zen Design Studio.

Directed by Dan Montanarini

The Overcoat

19th Century Period Play.

Lewisham Southwark College,

Directed by Tilly Edwards.


Surreal thriler. Short film.

Directed by Max Lincoln


The Brit Awards Opening Dance Installation

Brits TV

Designed by Gareth Pugh


British Library Shakespeare Installation

London College of Fashion

Costume Installation

Designed by Donatella Barbieri


Beneath the Truth

Kingdom Entertainment Group

Short Film


Medical Facility

Affixxius Films

Promotional video


The Oki Oki Show

Online character-based sketch show.

Directed by Darren Raymond 



Edisons Movies, Reykjavik 

A surreal Iclandic fable. Short film.

Directed by Christopher Kanal



The Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Theatre performance.


Aila Images Ltd.

Producing varied content for image and video libraries.





Sherborne Girl’s School

Affixxius Films

Promotional short film.



Shadow of the Dragon Lady


A dream sequence with ancient Chinese elements.

Directed by Gary Morcambe


Latitude Festival

 The Roundhouse and Invisble Circus 

Theatre performance designed by Kate Lane.


Japanese Samurai Sword

Film London Short Film, London Calling Festival

Exploring the diaspora of British-born Vietnamese and Chinese youth in London.

Direcetd by Lab Ky Mo


Style Junkies

Sustainable fashion exhibition.

London Borough of Merton and The National Trust



Breast Cancer Care

Charity commercial.

Directed by Ani Laurie


Room For Wonder

Ijad Dance Company

Dance piece and installation inspired by fairytale.

Choreographed by Joumana Mourad


Bad Acid

Whitecoat TV Short Film

A surreal dark comedy horror.

Directed by David Chaudoir


The Back Seat 

crbfilms Short Film 

A study of middle class repression.

Directed by Charlie Bury


Black Leaves For Eyes

Pilot - Short Film

A visually rich project inspired by an ancient Japanese Folk tale.

Directed by Devika Ponnambalam


Les Saint-Simoniens

Maison Lafayette, Paris 

Touring theatre and dance performance inspired by the rituals of a 19thC secret society. 

Designed in collaboration with Ulla von Brandenburg and LCF, Supervised by Agnes Treplin and Ali Ruth


Being of Age

TradeMark Productions short film.

A humorous account of a student finding novel ways to fund her studies.

Directed by Tom McNie



National Film and Television School Film

A young girl falls for a life prisoner convicted of a hideous crime. 

Directed by Maria Martinez


Goodnight Gigi

A woman discovers too late the infidelity of her fashion-designer husband.

Short Film

Directed by Elisa Scubla 

Produced by Caroline Demopoulos



MA Final Performance

Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells

Produced by Agnes Treplin



NFTS Graduate Film

Directed by Phil Sheerin, Produced by Jacob Thomas


Out of Our Heads

Shoreditch Town Hall

Conceived and Directed by Vassiliki Tzanakou



NFTs Graduate Film

Directed by Dan Montanarini, Produced by Ina Remme, Costume Design by Oliver Cronk


Shakespeare Festival



A Bright Room Called Day

Southwark Playhouse 

Directed by Seb Harcombe, DEM Productions, Design by Olivia Du Monceau


In a Grove

Oxford University Film Society



Oxford Union

Directed by Zu Quirke


Oxford University Drama Society



Dead on Her Feet

The North Wall Arts Centre, The Arcola

Directed by Barry Kyle

Costume Design by Genevieve Beller



Arcola Tent, Oxford Castle Unlock'd, Edinburgh Festival

Directed by Jack Sain



The Oxford Playhouse, The International Student Drama Festival 2012

Directed by Milja Fenger

Produced by Jessica Campbell



Oxford Union

Directed by Zu Quirke


The Rover

New College Gardens


A Dream Play

The Oxford Playhouse




Costume Designer

Costume Lecturer 

Workshop Leader

Slavic Headdresses



Costume Daily 

1990s Period 



Costume Designer

WWII Period



Costume Supervisor

17th C Period


1970s Period

Costume Supervisor

1970s Period

Course Leader

Costume Designer


Costume Supervisor


Costume Designer

1980s Period/ fantasy

Costume Designer


Costume Designer


Costume Daily


Costume Designer

Furturistic sci fi. 

Costume Designer

Contemporary. Research, sourcing and continuity.


Sourcing, budget, dressing.



Costume Assistant

Sourcing, breakdowns, dressing.

Costume Designer

Design, sourcing, wardrobe supervision, brand awareness.


Images Researcher 

Image sourcing, copyright and captions.

Costume Designer/Supervisor

Design, sourcing, dressing, continuity.

Costume Designer/Supervisor

Design, sourcing, budget management, continuity, dressing on location.

Costume Supervisor

Breaking down, sourcing, budget management, continuity, dressing on location.

Costume Designer/ Supervisor

Design, sourcing, liasing with sponsors, dressing on location.

Costume Supervisor

Sourcing, dressing, breaking down, distressing, bloodying, continuity on location.


Wardrobe Supervisor

Sourcing, dressing, continuity on location.


Costume Design

Design, sourcing, dress in the studio.

Costume Designer

Design, sourcing, alterations.

Costume Designer

Designing, sourcing, making and dressing on location.


Wardrobe Assistant

Making, fitting, alterations and dressing for eighty dancers.


Costume Supervisor

Managing the budget, clients and making team to ensure that the design is realised and delivered on time. 


Costume Designer

1970s period costume. Research, design, sourcing, continuity.


Costume Designer

Contemporary. Research, sourcing and continuity.


Art Director

Research, design, sourcing and set dressing.



Costume Designer/Wardrobe Manager 

Period influences. Research, design, sourcing, dressing, and continuity supervision.


Freelance Maker

Pattern creation and costume construction.



Head of Art Department

All research and sourcing for varied shoots in quick succession with careful management of a sizeable department budget. Running styling and dressing on set, managing department assistants. 


Costume Designer/Maker

Period uniform from 1900-present.

Research, period garment construction,

sourcing and continuity.


Costume Designer/Wardrobe

Stylised contemporary with Ancient Chinese and martial arts outfits. Research, design, sourcing and continuity supervision.



Costume Assistant

Sourcing and alteration. Dressing during the festival. 



Costume Designer/ Wardrobe

Contemporary urban. Research, design, sourcing and continuity supervision.




Exhibition Curation Assistant





Costume Designer/ Wardrobe

Contemporary urban. Research, design, sourcing and continuity supervision.



Costume and Set Designer/Maker 

In collaboration with Clare McGarrigle.

Dance costume and installation space.

Collaboration, research, design, sourcng and making.


Costume Designer/ Wardrobe

Contemporary with 90s throwbacks and stage wear. Research, design, sourcing and continuity supervision.


Costume Designer/ Wardrobe

Contemporary. Research, design, sourcing and continuity supervision.



Costume Designer 

Traditional Japanese dress. Research, design, sourcing, Japanese kimono dressing, continuity supervision. 



Costume Designer

Collaborating with artist Ulla von

Brandenburg to costume a piece of

new theatre, developed in

affiliation with Maison Lafayette

and London College of Fashion.

Research, design, construction

direction, wardrobe.


Costume Designer 

Contemporary. Research, design, sourcing, shibari rope tying, continuity supervision. 





Costume Designer 

1990s dated styling. Research, design,

sourcing, fittings and continuity



Costume Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor

Contemporary. Research, design,

sourcing, wardrobe and continuity.





Costume and Concept Designer





Costume Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor and Costume Continuity 




Exhibition Installation Assistant





Costume and Wardrobe Assistant, Continuity





Costume design, realisation and performance concept


Costume and Wardrobe Assistant





Costume Designer



Costume Designer




Wardrobe Mistress and Committee Member 


Costume Assistant 





Costume Designer





Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor





Costume Designer




Costume Designer



Costume Assistant 




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