MA Costume Design Projects

MA Costume Design for Performance, London College of Fashion, 2013-2014
Smallcreep's Day

Costume Designs and Realistion


Smallcreep's Day by Peter Currell Brown

'Piecework' performance devised and performed at the Lilian Bayliss Studio, Sadler's Wells December 2014.


A factory worker’s search for meaning provides an exploration of the implications of capitalism, played out in a surreal industrialised environment. Addressing questions of automation, repetition and dislocation, the piece explores a workforce reduced to ‘partial people’ increasingly disconnected from the product that they work to create.


Performer:  Matthew Wernham

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Prospero's Storm

Costume Designs and Realisation


The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Performed and exhibited at the V&A Shakespeare Festival 2014


Performer: Davy Willis


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Costume Designs and Realisation


Wozzeck by Alban Berg


Performer: Stuart McClure

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