Costume Designer

Screen Northants / BBC Children in Need Feature Film.

January - February 2018



Director: Daryl Chase

Produced by Screen Northants


Costume Designer

Screen Northants / BSL Short Film.

September - October 2018



Director: Samuel Dore

Produced by Screen Northants


Costume Designer

BFI Funded Short Action adventure.

December 2016

Director: Sam Johnson

Produced by Forty Foot Pictures Ltd


Costume Designer

Feature Film. A young carer discovers an unlikely talent for stand-up comedy.

September - November 2016

Director: James Gardner

Produced by Nik Holtum


Cannibals and Carpet Fitters 
Costume Supervisor

British Comedy/Horror Feature Film

September - November 2016

Director: James Bushe

Produced by CACF Film LTD


The Arrival 
Costume Designer

Part of the All About Mothers Series

March 2016 

A mother contemplates whether or not to keep her baby, while waiting for her lover to arrive in a small cafe.

Director: Dan Montanarini

Produced by Zen Design Studios




The Prevailing Winds 
Costume Designer

Film London: London Calling Shorts 2016

May 2016

A lone hiker searches for her sister across moorland, despite an invisible and deadly threat in the air.

Writer: Lawrie Doran
Director: Adam Butcher
Producer: Caroline Demopoulos 

DOP: Michael Paleodimos 



Costume Designer

March - October 2016

A squad of eight Special Forces soldiers are assigned a suicide mission to rescue a scientist from a city ruled by the undead.


Directed by Chee Cheung.

Intense productions.



Love Type D
Wardrobe Supervisor

March 2016

A woman who has been dumped eleven times in a row, discovers (to her dismay) that she has a loser love gene.

Directed by Sasha Collington



Costume Designer


Sureal thriller with fashion film influences.


Directed by Max Lincoln




Beneath the Truth
Costume Designer


Period family drama set during a 1970s wedding reception. Short Film


Directed by Najan Ward


Produced by Kingdom Entertainment Group

Costume Designer


Surreal love story filmed in Iceland with a period feel and inspired by elements of super nature.


Directed by Christopher Kanal


Produced by Herbert Sveinbjörnsson

Aila Images Ltd
Head of Art Department


All research and sourcing for varied shoots in quick succession with careful management of a sizeable department budget. Running styling and dressing on set, managing department assistants. 


Sherborne Girls Promotional Film - Affixxius Films
Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


Recreating period uniform from 1900-present to evoke the history of the school. 


Shadow of the Dragon Lady
Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


A surreal dream sequence with Ancient Chinese elements.


Directed by Gary Morcambe



Japanese Samurai Sword
Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


Film London short film, London Calling Festival  - June 2015

Exploring the diaspora of British-born Vietnamese and Chinese youth in London.


Directed by Lab Ky Mo

Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


Charity Commercial - June 2015

A family tale commissioned by Breast Cancer Care.

Directed by Ani Laurie

Bad Acid
Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


Short Film - April 2015

Marvin Maskelyn, a washed up TV hypnotist and magician desperate to recapture his fame acquires a magic lamp and some LSD. His vision is not quite what he anticipated.

Directed by David Chaudoir

The Back Seat
Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


Short Film - April 2015

A study of middle class supression 

Directed by Charlie Bury

Black Leaves

Costume Designer and Dresser


Short Film - March 2015

A visually rich project inspired by an ancient Japanese Folk tale.

Directed by Devika Ponnambalam

Being of Age


Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


TradeMark Productions short film - March 2015

A humorous account of a twenty something student finding less than conventional ways to fund her studies.

Directed by Tom McNie



Costume Designer 


National Film and Television School Short Film February 2015

A young girl falls for a life prisoner convicted of a hideous crime. 

Directed by Maria Martinez

Goodnight Gigi


Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


Short Film - Janurary 2015

Dark Comedy exploring infidelity.

Directed by Elisa Scubla

Produced by Caroline Demopoulos



Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor


NFTS Graduate Film Summer 2014

A soldier struggles with civilian life.

Directed by Phil Sheerin

Produced by Jacob Thomas



Costume and Wardrobe Assistant 


NFTS Graduate Film Summer 2014

A teenage pregnancy with a twist.

Directed by Danial Montanarini

Produced by Ina Remme

Costume Design by Oliver Cronk

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